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Circumcised Twink Cock

Circumcised and naked, these solo twinks, amateurs show their cocks.

2011-Apr-17 - Camboy shows his circumcised penis

Posted in Circumcised

Circumcised guy showed off his huge cock on cam.  This was just the beginning.  He would go on to edge for hours until he finally ejaculated.  Exhausted, he would go to sleep. 


It is interesting how the shaft of his cock gets thicker in the middle then thinner as it gets to the base.  His balls are tightly held close to the body.


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2010-Dec-31 - Twinks Dan and Seth fucking

Two hot circumcised boys get each other totally hot then suck and fuck like there is no tomorrow. This is so hot.


See more of these hot twinks as they pleasure each other.

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2010-Dec-31 - More of my stuff

I have not posted much on this blog.  The reason is that I cannot track the blog activity.  And this is a key component to making a blog better.

I started putting some links on Twitter.  Perhaps you might like to check it out. 


If you are a site visitor, thanks for visiting.

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2010-Nov-21 - Getting the boy to do my bidding

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.  I'm bisexual.  What this means in practical terms is that I occasionally have some sort of sexual activity with a guy.  It has always been a short term sexual fun thing.  And best of all, my girl friend does not mind.  She and I have been together for about two years.  And she has got to understand that it is only occasional.  We sort of agree that I never share details.  I suppose I don't mind but I don't think she is interested in the details.  We are clear on one thing, there are no other women.  I'm completely cool with that.

She and I were at a party at my office.  It was a brief after hours thing.  There was a new guy, Chris, who had started that week and he caught my eye.  I asked Marla if she was going to spend the night with me.  She caught on that something was up and I told her that who had caught my eye.  She laughed at me. She told me she had been talking to him and he was as straight and religious as they come.

"This one I want to hear the details about," she said.  "If you get anywhere with him, I will make you king for a month."

A challenge.  Wow.  And there was nothing to lose.  She never said anything about what would happen if I did not get anywhere with him.  Nothing to lose except perhaps constant ribbing and teasing from her.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek as she left.

I found Chris and struck up some small talk.  I asked him if he wanted a beer and he said he was religious and did not drink.  This was going to be a real challenge.  The office party was not intended to last long so I took my shot.  I suggested to Chris he come back to my place.   I told him some of the others might come along.  That was a lie.

When we got to my place, I could see that Chris was really tense.  I tried to offer him a drink but he was steadfast. I popped out a joint and lit it.  "You ever try this?" I asked.  He said no.  I suggested he try it but he hesitated. "I will blow out and you inhale." I said.

I took a deep pull and I exhaled a thin plume of smoke which Chris inhaled.  "Didn't do anything." he said.

I knew it would take a few minutes to work anyway.  I turned on some music, hoping to better set the mood.  I asked if he wanted to go to my hot tub. He said he didn't have anything to wear.  It was an opening for me to suggest he wear nothing but I resisted.  I had a better idea.  "I have something you can wear."

I got a white speedo I had worn once.  It would fit him snug but that was the idea. I handed it to him. He went into the bathroom and came out wearing it.  It snugly kept his neat package in place.  As we were getting into the hot tub, I smacked his ass playfully.  He looked around at me and I apologized.

Once we were in, we just sat there.  I asked him some questions about himself and learned some more about him. "Let's make things interesting."I said.  "Dare me to do something. Then I will dare you."

"Like what"


He thought for a minute.  "Come on, it cannot be that hard."

"I dare you to take off your shorts." he said.

I hesitated. "It's a community hot tub.  One of the neighbors might come by."

I knew very well that it was not likely and that most of them would not care anyway.  I had sat in the hot tub many a time wearing nothing with several neighbors.  I pulled my shorts down and off, and plopped them on the side.  His mouth dropped open.  I guess he did not expect me to really do it.

I continued the conversation as if nothing happened.  Eventually, it got too hot and I got out and sat on the side, and of course he got a compete view of everything.  I could see him staring at it.  "Let's head back up," I said as I wrapped my towel around my waist.

 Walking back up to the apartment, Chris asked me what his challenge would be.  I told him I was still thinking about it. As we walked in the door I knew what it would be.  In my closet, I pulled out a leather skirt, panties and a women's blouse.  They belonged to Marla.

I showed them to Chris.  "Your dare is to put these on."

I watched his eyes widen and his jaw drop.  At the same time, his speedo surged.  The idea had grabbed him in an unexpected way.

"I don't think I can." he protested.

"I beg to differ.  From the looks of it, I think you very much want to." I said, pointing to his obvious erection in the speedo. I left him in the room with the clothes and I went into the other bedroom where I got a robe on.  I waited in the living room for him.  He took longer to come out than I thought.  He had brushed his hair and he wore the outfit well.  He was so nervous.  

"Come on out, Chrissy." I said.  "Don't be shy.  You look awesome." 

"How long do I have to wear it?"

Same amount of time I was naked in the hot tub, or longer if you want." I replied.

That meant about 30 minutes.  I motioned for him to come sit next to me.  When he sat, I told him he was not sitting like a lady and that he had to either hold his knees together or cross his legs.  He did what I wanted.

"You look beautiful." I said and he smiled.  "I'm not kidding.  You have me as hard as any girl that has ever gave me an erection."

I whipped my robe open for him to see my hard cock then just as quickly I closed it.

We sat and talked for a while longer and I got him a nightie of Marla's.  I gave it to him and said he could sleep in the guest room. I kissed him on the cheek and headed off to bed.  I got naked and got into bed.  The door was open and he could see me get into the bed naked. 




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2010-Nov-19 - Masturbating my man's circumcised penis

Posted in Circumcised

My man is circumcised and I love it.

my man's circumcised penis

Defintely easier to give a circumsized man a handjob or a blowjob - Don't have all of that extra skin to get out of your way. Don't have to worry as much about hygiene. Don't have to worry about it getting in the way when you're fucking either. I've had both, and will prefer cut to my dying days. And I shave his balls too, so don't get hair in my mouth either, prefers me trimmed, not shaved, and he does that for me....


-- Suzy 

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2010-Nov-10 - Masturbation of Circumcised Penis

Horny Circumcised Twink  shows cock.


Just got circumcised and tried masturbating, but it's not happening. I used to use foreskin to stroke, but it hurts too much to masturbate the same way as before after getting circumcised.

I heard you should use lube if you get circumcised, but what kind should I use? And do I need to masturbate differently than before getting circumcised? I'm trying to com but I can't, and I need to cuz I haven't masturbated in like a month now.

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2010-Jul-7 - Classic twink body on this bad boy

He may have a small body, but he has a huge cock.  The cigarette adds an interesting dimension too.  And the expression on his face tells me his is mad and someone or something.  I think of him as the bad boy.  He would get in trouble.  If he is straight, he would be the one sneaking into your daughters bedroom at night to fuck.  I don't suppose it would be any different if he liked boys.  He'd be sneaking into the bedrooms of any who would give up their ass to his cock.  

On this occasion he has no ass or pussy to satisfy his desires.  Only his hand is there to give some relief.  That rough looking penis with its jagged scar would be a delight to any gay bottom or horny girl looking to get fucked.

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2010-Jul-6 - Something is on this twink's mind

I wonder about this guy.  What's on his mind.  He seems to be up to something sly.  What is it?  It may be that he's just trying to be charming.  Seems to me that someone asked him to see his cock and he hastily granted their wish.  All he did was to drop his jeans and take the photo.  I wonder for who.  Girls don't generally ask guys to do this.  So I am guessing it was a guy who made the request.

Our subject has a pretty big circumcised cock. And there's a very visible scar line.

Notice he isn't wearing underwear.  Now that is fucking hot. 

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